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respiratory diseases due to air pollution

Respiratory diseases due to air pollution:

Air pollution is one of the most prominent pollutants and it is very mandatory to know effect of air pollution on our health . So here in this post there will be focus on respiratory diseases due to air pollution.

Being a carrier medium, air can transfer the contaminant at any time very quickly. To prevent infection, it is almost impossible for a person to breathe contaminated air.
Different human body have different susceptibility with pollute air. The levels of contaminants, the reaction to contaminants and the annoyance of contaminant-based diseases are different in each individual. The fact is that air pollution can have harmful effects on the human body and it can not be ignored.
This post will focus on those main diseases due to air pollution and what causes them to pollute.

 1. Asthma:

This is one of the most common diseases that can be due to polluted air. It is a chronic disease in which the human body has swelling in the respiratory tract and the person is difficult to breathe. While performing normal routine activities and hard work, heavy breathing is one of the basic symptoms of the disease.
Tobacco smoke can also be caused and parents, friends, family and others should avoid smoking in their presence in close contact with the patient.
Patients can use fresh air bottles which are used to clean their lungs and respiratory systems and to expel fresh air. However, it is recommended to consult a doctor first.

 2. Lung cancer:

Due to the presence of various carcenogenic particles in the air, the lungs can be affected by them, which in turn can cause lung or lung cancer. This disease involves the uncontrolled development of cells in one or both lungs, which reduces the oxygen transport capacity of the entire respiratory system.
Although the treatment of lung cancer depends on the type of cancer and the level of infection in the lungs, fresh air may be a possible solution to reduce the effect of these cancers in the contaminated air.

 3. COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) :

COPD is due to air pollution in which the airways and air cells or alveoli change shape and move away. In this way, it is difficult to breathe even when the patient does not sit or do anything. Amfisema and chronic bronchitis are two types of COPD that are common and can cause cancer and premature death.

The most affected people are those who work in mines, mines and docks, which are in constant contact with dust, fine dust and diesel smoke.
The use of air purifier and fresh air can be use to prevent polulution effect, but requires a full participation of doctors and medication for a complete treatment.

4. leukemia:

This is the disease (type of cancer) due to exposer to benzene vapor and it is also fatal. Due to the continuous infection the white blood cells increase and the airways become highly infected.

 5.  Pneumonia:

Contaminated air also contains bacteria that breathe in the respiratory tract, which in turn causes pneumonia. Due to the continuous breathing of contaminated cair, the disease may worsen . This disease may be worse than other diseases.

Whenever possible, the use of air filters and fresh air bottles may be a possible prevention of the disease and may also be beneficial for patients. But urgent medical support is important and advice should be provide in all cases.

 6. Birth defects and immune system defects:

Due to the exposure of contaminated air and the inhalation of polluted air by the pregnant mother, there can be many defects in both newborns and mothers . Children born in areas of air pollution will have less resistance to infections, coughs and cold, and may also show some allergies to herbs.
Pregnant women can consult doctors and use fresh air cans along with air filters, which are immune system boosters and eliminate the effect of pollutants on the respiratory system.

7. Autism:

Recent studies have shown that air pollution can also cause autism, a disease in which the patient tends to be alone.

 8. Weak lung function:

If the level of air pollution is not high, then the function of the lungs in the polluted air may be normal or gradually weak. It can be shown in many forms, such as allergies, little or no immunity to paint, cough and cold, etc.,

Conclusion :

So friends it is best advice to stay away from air polluted areas if possible to avoid any such type of health related problem.

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