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How to increase height by surgery

Hi friends.. how are you all now a days. I am extremely sorry that I could not post any new article from few days due to some busy schedule. But now i promise i will be regular on my website. Then friends in the series of height increasing techniques he i will tell you how to increase height by surgery.

Friends as i discussed in my previous post that after puberty period its near to impossible task to increase height by any medicine or exercise. The last way in this case to increase height is surgery.

Surgery is usually petform in patients who suffers from Napolian complex. Napolian complex means if any person suffers from inferiority complex due to shorter stature.

Surgery is done after a brief counselling of patient by doctors.


The technique was already identified in the 50s in Russia by dr. Gavril Ilizarov, which is called surgery. So it spread to the United States UU. And then in India in the 90s. Even Bangalore started using this technique in the 90s.

Food rich in calcium, such as milk, eggs and green leafy vegetables are essential. Hygiene and proper care of the legs should be given during this period. Physiotherapy and exercises are the other requirements.
The risks are the same as for any surgery. But since it is planted, the success rate is quite high. There may be complications if the wound is infected.



How to increase height by surgery
How to increase height by surgery

In surgery, the bone is cut, or the thigh bone or the leg bone. A ring structure is fixed on the leg that can be used to space the two parts of the bone in small measurements every day. The new bone will be formed to fill the void.

The bones are separated from 0.5 mm to 1 mm per day. The patient himself can perform the process simply by rotating the pins in the frames. It takes 10 days for 1cm of bone to grow and double the time to strengthen it.
On average, bone length increases by 5 cm and varies with patients. After a point, while the muscles are stretched and lead to stiffness or hardening of the joint. The elongation must be stopped then.
The operation would have been completed in about five hours. But the days after the surgery would be a big challenge for patients.
With the rings around their legs, they need to be in the frame for months, depending on their purpose. The frames are made in such a way that they can travel short distances.


Friends in short if i tell you my openion about this surgery then I will not recommend this surgery for height increase because its a painfull procedure and have a lot of complications related to infections on wound.

A person should go for this surgery if there is any complication related to bone and bone joint like deformation of bones.

Always think positive about your skills and personal growth not about physical height because costly things comes in shorter space.

See you all friends in new post next time.. Till then bye bye tc.

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