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how to get fair skin

fair skin


Hi friends.. Most of the people irrespective of their country, culture, caste or religion wants to know how to get fair skin. Though fair skin is not a parameter of beauty but its reality that most of people wants fairer skin to enhance their beauty and elegance.

Do you think that applying face mask, home made creams,fruit face pack etc etc really enhance your skin whiteness? Honest answer is No.

Beauty creams available in market or home made packs only can glow your skin temporarily but these are not real solution of getting fair skin.

Only one trusted and reliable method available which can really increase your overall body fairness and that is glutathione. I will share that here in detail.


Some of you must come across with this word glutathione to get fair skin.Actually glutathione is a strong antioxidant. It is also known as super antioxidant. Glutathione is mostly used by dermatologists in treatment of many skin diseases and it is also use in manufacturing of many beauty cream , capsules and skin whitening tablets. You can easily get them from pharmacy shop or online. But only one challenge to get them that is original glutathione because in most of the cases of online purchasing you may not get good quality of glutathione.

If you will ask in comment box how to get good quality of glutathione then i can guide you.


Glutathione is an amino acid which is also produce by our body in small quantity. Its a strong antioxidant which circulate in blood circulate and helps to detoxify our body by eleminating toxins from our body.

1. Glutathione is  consist of three amino acids glycine, cysteine and glutamic acid. And its a strong antioxidant.

2. Glutathione also prevents our body from many diseases by eliminating toxins from body. It also prevent body from hyperpigmentation and blackness.

3. It is now available in many beuty soaps and beuty creams so easily available in beuty shops.


Actually glutathione was used previously by medical practitioners in treatment of many diseases like cancer along with main drugs.When doctors observed side effects of glutathione then they observed that it causes whitening of skin. Thus glutathione does not directly whitten body skin but whitening of body skin is its due to its side effect on our body.

After this discovery doctors started to use glutathione to increase skin whitenning. Though its fully safe for our body its now being frequentlly used by medical practitioners.


Now a days glutathione is available in many beuty soaps and creams also but i will not recommend to use them for fast and instant actions because their contact time on our body is very less.

I will recommend glutathione to take orally as tablet or capsule. If it is taken orally then its show its effect very fast. But along with glutathione you should take vitamin C supplements either in form of tablet or in natural form.

In market glutathione is available in effervescent form also so they can be mixed with water along with vitamin C tablets and can be consume directly.

For fastest and instant action you can take glutathione in form of injections. Its most effective because it goes directly in blood stream while tablets and capsules goes in stomach first and there some part gets metabolized. So in blood stream less amount of glutathione reaches. Thus injection form is most effective but should be taken in guidance of registered dermatologists.

Usually you will get very good result in 4 to 6 months if you are taking tablets or capsules in prescribed amount.


Only one drawback of glutathione and thats its cost. Its little costly so few persons only can afford this. Injections are much more costly in comparision with capsules and tablets. Now a days in online market you can get tablets and capsules on affordable price but you have to be very carefull during purchasing them online for their quality.

Friends if you need any help in getting good quality of glutathione or if you are getting confuse how to take them or any problem then you can write in comment box . I will be happy to help you.



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