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How to gain weight with supplements

How To Gain Weight With Supplements

Gaining right sort of weight can be tough, especially if you have a fast metabolism. Some people are just naturally skinny, and gaining lean muscle mass for them is a real challenge. Fortunately there are some simple tips that will help anyone to build muscle and gain weight if they follow them carefully and keep a positive mental attitude.Here I will share how to gain weight with supplements.

When we are talking about gaining weight, we are talking about weightlifting. There is no getting away from it. If you want to build muscle mass you need to train with weights.


Fortunately if you train smart, it will not take up too much of your time. Because the core principle behind weightlifting is that you want to damage the tissue of your muscle slightly, causing mircotrauma which acts as a warning signal to the body that your muscles are not big enough, and therefore strong enough, to do what you are asking them to do. If you create microtrauma, and the conditions for muscle growth are right (more on this in a minute), then you will grow bigger muscles. This is a fact. So what is the best way to stimulate this adaptation response?

The answer is short, intensive workouts. Some people spend half their lives in the gym, and even though they may be ripped, it is not because they live near the bench press. They are probably spending hours working out and getting absolutely no extra benefit from it. Let me save you that time.

You see, in order to create the microtrauma needed to stimulate the building of new muscle, you need to push your muscles right to the limit. Further than you thought you could. This means warming up of course, because warming up primes your muscles and enables you to lift much heavier weights than you can at the beginning of your workout. But do not hang around. Once you are good and warm, build up quickly to the biggest weights you can manage, and start pumping.

And keep pumping until you have done as many reps as you can. Feel the burn, and summon your willpower, and fight through it. Then you are done. Do a quick warm-down with some light weights and move on to the next muscle group. Once you have stimulated the change and set in motion the synthesis of new muscle tissue, there is nothing more you can do with that muscle group today. In fact continuing to damage the muscles once you have hit your high point will do more harm than good, because it increases the recovery time. And you cannot work out efficiently on still-damaged muscles.

The second aspect to weightlifting that really is important, is technique. You want to ensure that you have good form, which is to say that you are working the muscle groups that you intend to work, and no others. For example, if you are working your biceps and you feel your shoulder muscles working too, or your abdominals, you are probably not performing the lift correctly. Which means that the muscles you are trying to work on will not be under enough strain, you will not hit your high point, and your muscles will not grow.

You should be able to feel naturally if a particular exercise is not working quite right, but if you are not sure, seek advice. If you are not working out properly, you are probably wasting your time.

Similarly, it is crucially important to lower the weights in a controlled manner as well as lifting them, as this is when half the hard work is done. Once you understand this, you will start to notice how much harder those reps are. That is a good thing. You might also notice how many other people are lifting their dumbbells and then practically letting them fall down again. These people are not going to get the great results you are going to get. Because you are training smart, as well as hard.


So earlier we mentioned having the right conditions for muscle growth. This means nutrition. Without the right fuel. all the weightlifting in the world will not see you gain a single pound of lean muscle tissue.

You need carbohydrates, and plenty of them. You need protein to build the new muscle tissue, and you will need essential fats and amino acids to power the muscle building processes. This is less complicated than it sounds, although it is true that it is difficult to get all the macronutrients you need to sustain consistent body mass gain without some additional help.

This is where supplements come in. Meal replacement shakes and bars are great for making sure your diet is balanced, and that you are getting all the nutrients you need to make that hard work really count. Many of them are available in special weight-gain formulas too for those people who do have trouble gaining muscle mass. They are convenient and cost-effective.

The other supplement that is really great for building muscles is Creatine, proven in study after study to literally increase the size of your muscles, as well as provide extra energy for your workouts, and help keep you focused and alert. There will undoubtedly be other supplements that can assist you in your goal of gaining lean body mass. A sports nutritionist will be able to advise you own your own personal needs, and once you start training right, you will quickly get a good feel for which areas of your routine need a bit of help.

Friends, gaining weight with supplements is a broad subject and need to be discuss in detail. Because every person who wants to gain weight with supplements should know every supplement in detail and use them carefully.

S friends we will cover this topic in many upcoming posts. Till then byee byee tc.

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