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Food recipes to gain body weight easily and effectively


Hii friends…In previous post
i shared with you about some food items which definitely help you to gain body weight. In this post I will share some delicious food  recipes to gain body weight easily and effectively.

These  food recipes are easily available everywhere and widely popular and can be cooked at home easily.


This is best smoothy according to me for its richness and high calorie value.

Take one banana and blend it with 2 cup of whole creamy milk and one cup of nuts like cashew or almonds.

Optionally you can add some good quality of protein powder or soya powder. In next post i will share some really good quality of protein powder.

Banana smoothy can be prefer above all other smoothies for its great richness and low preparation cost.


Tropical fruits such as mangoes, pineapples, bananas and some berries are good source of dense calorie.

For example 1 cup of sliced banana has 130 calories,1 cup of sliced pineapple contains 80 calories and one cup of mango contains about 100 calories. These fruits are also rich in vitamin A and C.

Optionally with these fruits you can mix Avacado and Olives based on their avalabilty.

Mix all the fruit pieces together and consume in breakfast for quick and healthy weight gain .


Pizza is a very good option to gain weight. Consume highly cheesy pizza for quick weight gain.

As pizzas contains high amount of cheese, these are proved as high calorie food causing weight gain.

Due to high amount of cheese these are also rich in calcium and vitamin D.


Its a healthy food due to full in fiber , protein and carbohydrate. These also contains vitamin C.

Add some more quantity of potatoes in your daily diet and gain weight quickly.

Potatoes are widely available and economical and due to its delicious recipe options like  aloo paratha and aloo tikki it can be consume easily without getting bore.


This is one of the most common breakfast in world.

Whole egg is high in protein and a great source of energy.

For adding some extra calories add some starchy materials like grated potatoes, grated tomatoes and carrots.

Due to its highly delicious content its widelly accepted for healthy weight gain.


Kababs are traditional Indian fast food. These can be incorporated in breakfast, lunch or in dinner.

Due to highly protein content and dense fat content its prefered for healthy weight gain.

But due to high fat its recommended to consume moderately.

DISCLAIMER : For quick weight gain its not recommended to consume junk food in high quantity. And along with above recipes you have to do atleast moderate exercise to avoid bulkiness.

Here are some quicky tips which help in body weight gain

1.Eat some extra stuffs for entertainment like before going to bed have some chocolates or ice creams.

2. If you feel thirsty then try to consume creamy milk as much as ppssible instead of water.

3. Try to avoid water consumption before any meal.

4.Take large portion of food. If you will take more then you will try to finish all of it.

5.Add cream to your tea or coffee any drinkable item if possible.

6.Take any protein supplement shake.

7.Eat calorie dense food more.

8. Get sleep well.

9. Leave smoking or any other addictive habbit.

10. Add milk based product more in your diet like curd or cheese.

Thanks friends for reading and apreciating my blog. Keep reading and keep apreciating.

See you soon in next post. Till then byee byee tc

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